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Dynamic Inner Mongolia news report kicks off

The launching ceremony of a large news coverage themed "Dynamic Inner Mongolia” that aims to record development updates of Inner Mongolia in North China was held on April 21. A total of eight report teams will be assigned to cover 12 leagues and prefecture-level cities of Inner Mongolia, endeavoring to report on the grassroots level and listen to public opinion.


    Way of Protection: Ecological north front shelter


    Way of Vitality: Development of border economy


    Way of Cooperation: Border security and peace


    Way of Culture: Charming grassland culture


    Way of Livelihood: Green agricultural and animal products


    Way of Transformation: New coal chemical industry


    Way of Innovation: Non-ferrous metal and equipment manufacturing industry


    Way of Cleaner Production: New energy


Urban mineral base in Baotou receives national approval

Baotou Aluminum Industry Park was approved as a national urban mineral demonstration base by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce.

Inner Mongolia offers culture and paradise-like grasslands

The “8337” development strategy proposed will build Inner Mongolia into "a tourism and leisure resort that represents grassland culture and has unique features of the North China border.”

New coal chemical becomes Inner Mongolia's green calling card

Black coal is transformed into high-quality kerosene, olefin, dimethyl ether, methane gas, natural gas and ethylene glycol after processing at a modern chemical unit. The new coal chemical has been growing in Inner Mongolia.

Coal chemical makes for environmental protection economy

At present, Inner Mongolia coal chemical industry is building a modern industry system featuring diversified development and multipolar support.

Ecological technology boosts Inner Mongolia's beauty and development

The people of Inner Mongolia have built an ecological civilization philosophy that respects, complies with and protects nature in carrying out the autonomous region's development strategy.

Non-ferrous metal industry, a highlight of Inner Mongolia

The region's non-ferrous metal manufacturing and processing industry has seen substantial development, based on its advantageous non-ferrous resources and advanced technologies.

Four ultra-high voltage lines to send electricity out

Inner Mongolia has given priority to transforming itself into a clean energy export facility for Beijing as well as the rest of China in its “8337” development strategy.

Yili closes deal with DFA in setting up US dairy plant

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, one of China's largest dairy providers, has signed a deal with US milk cooperative Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) to set up a world class dairy plant in Kansas.

Fast facts

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is situated 97"12"-126"04" east longitude and 37"24"-53"23" north latitude.

'8337' development strategy of Inner Mongolia

The "8337" development strategy of Inner Mongolia was put forward on March 19, 2013.