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Bullet train From Kunshan to Shenzhen kicks off Spring Festival rush

The express K8362 train from Kunshan to Shenzhen loaded with passengers started slowly away from the platform at 12:12 am on January 16. It was the first train to leave Kunshan on the first day of the Spring Festival travel period. On the first day, Kunshan Railway Station sent off about 100,000 passengers, more than the usual number yet still relatively stable.

On the first day of the Spring Festival travel period, 62 ordinary trains and eight temporary trains arrived and departed from Kunshan Station. A total of 181 ordinary trains and 10 temporary trains departed Kunshan South Station, including the temporary express D2281 train from Kunshan to Shenzhen, the first train in history to connect the two cities. A total of 18,000 passengers were handled by the South Station on January 16. According to a worker at a bus passenger station, passenger flow on January 16 was also stable at about 18,000. Additional temporary buses left for Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Anhui and other directions.

Dai Weihua, a ticket attendant at Kunshan station, introduced that passenger travel direction on the first day was mainly from Kunshan to Xi 'an, Lanzhou and Northeast Changchun. Returning passenger flow from Anhui will increase starting January 20. According to past experience, the long-distance return flow will usher in a passenger flow peak from January 24 to 29. Temporary passenger trains will start in succession from January 16. Passengers have to board the train at night or early in the morning. Waiting rooms for temporary train passengers will be opened.

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