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Guests from Writers Publishing House visit Huaqiao

Writers Publishing House, one of China’s largest publishing houses, signed an investment agreement with Huaqiao International Business Service Park in May.

The agreement came after Ge Xiaozheng, director of the publishing house, visited the Regional Headquarters Base, Service Outsourcing Base and Tianfu Ecological Park.

Writers Publishing House is a State-owned large-scale publishing house for literature and a subsidy of the Chinese Writers Association. It has eight book editing centers and publishes Writer's Digest magazine.

Since its establishment in 1953, it has published mostly contemporary literature, including several bestselling novels. Its readership tends to have a relatively high level of education.

Writers Publishing House has invested in an operation center named Jiangnan, which is an independent subsidy of its group. Jiangnan is in charge of sales of publications in East China.

The company is expected to have sales revenue of over 100 million yuan ($16.3 million) every year. Working with Malls Image (Beijing) International Cultural Co, the publishing house plans to carry out more intensive cooperation with Huaqiao in the fields of film and television production.

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