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Huaqiao to build China's biggest film center

In two or three years, Huaqiao residents will have a new place to watch movies. The Huaqiao Dream World Film Culture Expo Garden is scheduled to start construction this year and open in 2015, according to Suzhou Daily.

With an investment of 2 billion yuan ($321.4 million), Huaqiao Dream World Film Culture Expo Garden will be the biggest film center, supported by cloud technology, in the country.

The garden, covering an area of 3.46 billion square meters, will include a simulated flight-experience cinema, a cloud-computing movie hall, 5D cinemas, exploration movie halls, water-screen film systems, a holographic movie corridor and 507 audio-visual halls. Customers can also enjoy "star" clubs and other commercial facilities.

The garden will have 520 screens, which will make it an "aircraft carrier" in China’s film culture consumer market.

The garden will provide one-step services covering entertainment, accommodation, and shopping to create a new consumption concept blending culture, tourism and commerce.

Edited by Michael Thai, Zhang Rui and Li Xiaoliang

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