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Furniture businesses in Xianghe see great development

Hebei province's Xianghe International Furniture Mall, the biggest furniture center in North China, has reported annual sales of 24.5 billion yuan, making it one of China's most famous furniture distribution centers.

The mall opened 15 years ago and now covers a 3-million-square-mete area, holding 7 thousands furniture shops, with more than 10 thousand brands.

Yan Mingjie, who is dealing with mall management, explained that that the mall is not just a building, but actually a cluster of 30 buildings and that its goal is to combine a furniture industry cluster with furniture production and sales.

Xianghe already is North China's biggest furniture production base, with sales and a logistics garden for transportation. The industry model has attracted many companies.

One Beijing furniture seller commented that, after seeing Xianghe 10 years ago, he saw great prospects already.

Jiang Yongzhou, a manager with the Xilinmen Furniture Co, said that Xilinmen has rentfactored a space to produce furniture here, since 2010, and explained, "We decided to locate our production base in Xinaghe for two reasons: first, Xinaghe has a good location, not far from Beijing and Tianjin which are big market for furniture sales; second, Xinaghe is the biggest furniture distribution center in North China and its infrastructure is good and the model mature."

The Xianghe International Furniture Mall now not only promotes its brands and market influence, but is also making an effort to raise its market share around the perimeter, so, it has a free shuttle service for customers from Beijng, Tianjin, Tangshan, Gu An and Huludao to serve people better. Yan said that Xianghe’s real advantage is that its prices are much lower than those of Beijing or Tianjin.

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