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Projects to start construction in Baoding's Nanshi district

The main project of the Great Wall Motors Technology Center was completed on Wednesday, June 26, in Nanshi district of Baoding. The total investment of the project was 5 billion yuan ($815 million). It has become a new landmark in the local area.

The Great Wall Motors Technology Center is located in the Hebei Great Wall industrial cluster, which covers an area of 21.65 square kilometers. The industrial cluster is currently under construction.

Great Wall Motors is a private enterprise based in Baoding. The Great Wall Motors project in Nanshi district assembles various companies and producers to this area and broadens the industrial chain.

Wang Xiaodong, deputy municipal Party secretary of Baoding, said that the new projects are one big step for Baoding in the development of its auto industry.

The Nanshi district of Baoding is making its direction of development more clear-cut. The district's goals include building a core production base for light vehicles in North China, promoting its position as a trade and logistics center, and building a tourist city with cultural and historical heritage.

Nanshi district seeks high-end development and gives priority to the equipment manufacturing industry led by new energy automobile production. Technology research is booming and the industrial chain has been taking shape.

The projects are benefiting from the changes in work methods by Party and government organizations. Government organization examination procedures and approvals have been cut dramatically.

In the level of enterprises, lectures and visits are held to teach entrepreneurs to follow the steps of times.

The Nanshi district government also guides enterprises to promote technological reformation to increase the added value of products and enhance the competence of enterprises.

Wang said that 69 projects will be set up in Nanshi district. Among these projects, Baoding Cigarette Factory’s technological reformation project, which received an investment of 2 million yuan, will be launched. One logistical park is already under construction.

According to Wang, the traditional industries are taking a leading role in the economic development of Nanshi district, and the newly-rising companies are also making great contributions.

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