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High technology installed for college entrance exam

The education authorities in Hebei province have installed electronic monitoring equipment in all the classrooms where students will take the nationalcollege entrance examination.

About 450,000 students took part in the national exam on Thursday and Friday, in 15,730 classrooms in the province.

The surveillance cameras recorded all the process in the classrooms and other places such as test paper storerooms. If any problem is discovered, the video will be presented as proof.

In addition, the authorities have increased checks of students before they enter the classrooms in order to reduce cheating with the aid of wireless facilities. The authorities also sent 135 radio monitoring stations, 37 monitoring vehicles and 12 sets of equipments to cut down signals.

Anyone caught cheating during the exam will be severely punished.

After the examination, the students are expected to apply to enter universities based on their scores, and rural students will be entitled to more preferential policies.

The national plan for the enrollment of new students in universities and other institutions of higher education stipulates that the number of students from rural areas who will enroll will increase to 30,000 this year.

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