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Hebei to issue social security all-in-card

According to the provincial government office, Hebei will strengthen the building and application of a social security management information system. Since last month, an "inclusive social security" information exchange system has been set up. The all-in-card will include: social security, a new rural cooperative medical system, medical treatment, social welfare, subsistence allowances for rural and urban residents, preferential treatment and arrangements for entitled groups, social assistance, and housing security.

Based on the core platform of their social security management information system, Hebei will accelerate the popularization of their social insurance information system, which includes five kinds of insurance. It will fully support the operation of social insurance services of "six groups." It will also speed up the application of the social security all-in-card. The Provincial Ministry of Civil Affairs will build a social assistance management information system and unify all social assistance services across the entire province. Relevant departments will take advantage of the "inclusive social security" information exchange system as well as carefully review the information.

The Provincial Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will cooperate with other departments to set standards for the social security all-in-card.

At present, the Provincial Ministry of Civil Affairs has improved plans for establishing a social assistance management information system. The Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information, with other relevant departments, has put forward the plan to build the "inclusive social security" information exchange system. In addition, they also have put forward solutions for an e-government disaster backup center. They will finish the construction and improvement of the social security management information system from January to July 2014. A docking test for the "inclusive social security" information exchange system will also be performed. Lastly, the province plans to begin trials of the social security all-in-card in some areas.

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