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National cotton research center settles in Hebei

The Hebei Fiber Inspection Bureau will release its new standards for fine fiber cotton at the national cotton color standard meeting on Sep 1, 2012. The revised standard will be put in practice Sep 1, 2013.

Officials will make 21 changes to the old standard. Among them, the practice of the color standard system and the abolition of the grade system are core items, which offered new opportunities to the cotton industry in Hebei.

“The new standard will replace the old examination method, which has 40 years of history, and has been put in line with international practices by its instrumented examination. It has a great effect on the cotton industry in Hebei,” a bureau official said.

The National Cotton Color Standard Research Center has settled in Hebei. Adherence to the new standard and examination methods ensures the quality of cotton produced in China and the development of the country’s cotton industry.

Officials said the Hebei government will push for the standardization of agriculture, finance, research institutions and cotton trading, as well as the cotton processing and color standards. The government will also cultivate cotton examiners, servicers and supervisory personnel.

The Hebei Fiber Examination Bureau worked for 8 years to have the National Cotton Color Standard Research Center approved for placement in Hebei. It will revise and publish the new standard. The research center, with a floor area of 2.23 hectares and a covered area of 11,178 square meters is under construction and will open in September.

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