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Tangshan seeks highly skilled workers

Tangshan is seeking highly skilled workers at home and from abroad to develop its economy, said Wang Xuefeng, Party Secretary of the Community Party of China (CPC) Tangshan Municipal Committee.

According to the talent exchange conference of the on-going 13th China Ceramics Exposition, the total demand of skilled workers in Tangshan will reach 890,000 during the next five years. Professionals in dozens of key industries including international trade, modern logistics, port management, harbor and waterway engineering and high-end steel production are urgently needed.

The growing demand for skilled workers of talents stems from the rapid development of Tangshan, where the traditional industry base is evolving to a modern industry base, and the extensive economic growth mode is changing to circular and technology-intensive ones. At this year’s conference, 7,366 jobs are being advertised by 351 entities, and those jobs include general managers, production directions and other positions.

Since 1998, the annual talents exchange conference in Tangshan has attracted 13,240 high-level, highly skilled and urgently needed professionals. Tangshan has established 10 academic workstations and hired 37 specially invited academicians from Tangshan’s government.

Relevant authorities said that Tangshan and the North America Chinese Scholars International Exchange Center would jointly establish the Tangshan Talents-Inviting Liaison Office to North America.

By Audrey and Wang Fan

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