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Roads and rail

With the rapid development of Hebei highway construction, the road transportation capacity in Hebei province has continued sustained growth. The integrated transport system, with 93.3 percent of passengers traveling by road and 76.6 percent of freight shipped by rail.

A high-speed passenger transport network system covering the whole province and surrounding cities has 134 high-speed lines and 1,829 passenger lines.

Buses connect to every village in Langfang city, a pilot project of the rural passenger transport network.

Logistics distribution and warehousing reach 125,300 sq m and 19,300 sq m respectively along with 1,165 new delivery vans.

A total of 330 bus stations in Hebei include 26 city passenger stations and 143 county bus stations. It also has 137 freight station stops, five intermodal container transfer stations and seven freight transport stations and logistics centers.

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