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Ports and maritime business

Hebei has 69 berths along the coast with a port cluster system is forming. Qinhuangdao Port is the main hub port, with Huanghua Port and Jingtang Port as regionally important and Caofeidian Port District as a large deep-water ore and crude oil terminal.

Hebei province has 24 water transport enterprises, 35 international ship agent companies, 119 domestic water transport service enterprises and 6 international maritime container depots. More than 30,000 employees work in the port and maritime system. The number of large and medium-sized maritime transport ships in the province total is 53 with a combined tonnage of 3.42 million dwt.

Qinhuangdao Port

Qinhuangdao port based on energy and its annual handling of coal accounted for about 50 percent of the total in China. It is the main hub port for coal in the nation and the largest port of its kind in the world. Qinhuangdao port has total assets of 10.5 billion yuan and 57 berths.

Huanghua Port

Two 50,000-ton berths and one 100,000-ton berth were built at Huanghua in 2004, giving it a handling capacity of 65 million tons. It has become a large-scale coal transportation channel second only to Qinhuangdao port in China.

Jingtang Port

Jingtang Port has been approved by the State Council approved as a national first-class port. It has the integrated currency capacity of 3 million tons, making it a regionally important port.

Caofeidian Port District

Caofeidian Port District is the only natural channel without excavation in Bohai Sea waters and a natural port that can dock 300,000-ton ships.

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