The 2nd China International Leather & Fur (Shijiazhuang) Exposition to open on Nov. 18
Updated: 2010-11-17

The second China International Leather & Fur (Shijiazhuang) Exposition organized by the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal Byproducts and undertaken by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government and Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce will be held at the Shijiazhuang International Expo Center from November 18 to 20.

The leather and fur industry is an important traditional industry of Hebei Province. Hebei makes up about 50% of the domestic leather market and is a famous leather and fur product production, processing and distribution center in the world. In order to promote the development of the leather industry, after the successful hosting of the First China International Leather & Fur (Shijiazhuang) Exposition last year, the city will host the second exposition with a theme of “Exhibit Image, Introduce Masterpieces, Lead Fashion and Promote Win-win Cooperation,” in light of the thinking of “extensive while specialized.” Hundreds of domestic enterprises, main traders, large sales centers and big emporiums have been invited.

This exposition follows the thinking of “extensive while specialized.” The design of the exhibition and display is exquisite, and its characteristics are prominent. It will open 22 special booths and 420 standard booths at Shijiazhuang International Expo Center and covers a total area of 10,000 square meters. The first floor is the exhibition area for international and domestic brands, and mainly exhibits leather and fur garments, raw hides and skins, fur, and leather products; the second floor is the exhibition area for domestic brands and mainly exhibits fur garments and fur products; the third floor is the exhibition area for leather equipment and auxiliary materials. The industrial clusters will attend the exhibition in groups. There are eight exhibition areas: foreign, Beijing, Xinji, Wuji, Xingtai, Suning, Zaoqiang and Yangyuan, to reflect the characteristics and special features of each one in a centralized way and comprehensively exhibit the development level of the Chinese leather and fur industry.