About the Hebei Company News Website
( chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-12-14

The Hebei Company News website (www.hbcenn.com) is a leading platform for “advocating enterprises’ social responsibility, promoting overall development of society, releasing news of importance to enterprises, and exchanging and publishing information”. The website boasts an alliance of more than 1,000 domestic mainstream media organizations. The website has three business platforms, including Shijiazhuang Life website (www.sjz.cc), Campus website (www.xiaoyuan.com) and Cosmetic website (www.yanzhuangnet.com), as well as the international online edition of Hebei Company News on the China Daily website.

 The international online edition of Hebei Company News on the China Daily website is an online bridge linking Hebei with the outside world. It was jointly established by the China Daily Media Group and the Hebei Enterprise News website in Hebei province.  

Objectives (1) Advocate enterprises’ social responsibility, promote overall development of the society, become the first platform for joint publication of news about enterprises, and serve as a platform for information exchange and publication.

(2) Comply with the requirements of the documents of the burden reduction office of central enterprises and the burden reduction office for enterprises in Hebei, advocate administration of the website according to law, prevent the abuse of power, alleviate enterprises’ burdens and build a platform for enterprises.

(3) Give full scope to the advantage of the one-stop joint release of the Hebei Enterprise News website and a national alliance of more than 600 interactive media organizations. Provide news publicity and reports, special topics reports, training, lectures, forums, seminars, expos, information exchanges and policy consulting services. Provide a main publicity and exchange platform for contacts and cooperation among enterprises, the Party and government offices, and provide the broadest platform for official and professional online news publicity and exchanges for the fast and high-quality development of Hebei.