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Poor Guizhou village grows stronger after storm


The residents of a once poor and underdeveloped region of Guizhou province are looking forward to the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress, as they say it will herald further developments in the country over the next five years that will help them improve their lives.

Dogs rule at Guizhou festival


People of the Miao ethnic group in Jiaobang village of Jianhe county, Guizhou province, celebrated a traditional festival known as taigoujie on Sept 2.

'Chili cutters' struggle for Guizhou spice


In Zunyi Xiazi Chili City, China's largest chili trading market located in Xiazi county of Guizhou province, there are at least 1,000 women "chili cutters" who make a living with scissors cutting chili stalks.

Natural air conditioner: cool cave breezes in Guizhou


Cengong county in Guizhou province has a magical cave that generates cool breezes all year round, local media reported on Aug 9.

A mystical well in Guizhou


A mystical well in Southwest China’s Guizhou province has no water out if surroundings are quiet. However, pure and clean water will flow out when shouted to the hole.

Jets loop across Anshun's skyline


Anshun in Guizhou province held a general flight carnival at the Huangguoshu Airport from July 21 to 23.

Downpours surge Huangguoshu waterfall


Due to the continuous heavy rain in recent days, the water flow of Guizhou province’s Huangguoshu Waterfall rose to 131 cubic meters per second on June 15, hitting the biggest of this year.

How green growth benefits all


At the charging stations installed at Guiyang-Anshun New Area, it takes just one hour for a new energy bus to charge its battery back to 90 percent, which enables the bus to travel around 300 kilometers without much emission and noise.

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