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Wanhui and her sister's splendid attire      2013-08-19
Every young Dong woman holds at least three to five sets of traditional outfits, and they wear them during festivals and when visiting relatives and friends.

"Oriental Venice" in SW China sees tourism peak this summer      2013-08-18
Photo taken on Aug. 5, 2013 shows a night scenery of Zhenyuan Ancient Town in southwest China's Guizhou Province

Rich tapestry of Qiandongnan      2013-08-17
A culture festival and artworks show held this week brought more recognition and fame to the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province.

Tourism, rising awareness save folk arts      2013-08-17
In the modern era of rapid development and social transformation, the preservation of folk arts in Guizhou and other parts of the country has been at times difficult.

Water Festival in SW China      2013-08-16
People participate in the annual water festival in Kaili, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on Wednesday.

Take photos, leave footprints      2012-10-04
The colors of autumn are not always red and gold, but there is a spectrum of choices for the traveler with a camera. Wang Kaihao helps identify the most picturesque sites in China for the tourist who wants to take away lasting impressions.

Picturesque ancient town in SW China      2012-09-26
Located in the eastern Guizhou, Zhenyuan has long been an ancient town of the Miao ethnic group.

Lost in Danxia of various ages      2012-09-25
China's Danxia has been enshrined in the world natural heritage.

Guizhou 5: The Dong songs      2012-09-13
In this episode Jess and Anne make their way to a hidden Dong village and hear the songs that they have communicated with each through for many years.

Guizhou 4: The tree tribe      2012-09-13

In this episode, Jess and Anne meet the Gun Tribe in Basha who've preserved their traditions for decades before they discovered the value of their culture for tourism. But is the price they pay too high?

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