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Guizhou lands 145b yuan in contracts at int’l trade fair


Overseas companies have invested big in Guizhou, signing on the dotted line for 193 projects worth an estimated 145 billion yuan ($21.39 billion).

Huawei and Guizhou team up on big data development


Guizhou province has got a big partner in developing big data, as it has signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei on Nov 12.

Guizhou hosts international guests at logistics summit


The 2016 China International Logistics Summit was held on Nov 8 and 9 in Duyun, Guizhou.

Guizhou to sign project deals worth 145b yuan at trade fair


Authorities in Guizhou have expressed confidence that a cross-border investment and trade fair to be held in the province from Nov 9-11 will generate a wealth of opportunities with other countries.

Guizhou turns to big data to boost tourism


Tourists in Guizhou province could soon have highly customized travel experiences as authorities in Guiyang signed a slew of deals to integrate big data into the tourism industry on Oct 27.

Guizhou helps enterprises cut costs of 50b yuan


Guizhou province carried out a series measures to help enterprises save in excess of 50 billion yuan ($7.39 billion) by cutting costs in the first three quarters of this year.

Guizhou to introduce big data platform to aid management decisions


Guiyang will build a big data application and innovation center to improve technologies and management modes within the province’s traditional industries.

Guizhou plans to further develop white spirits brands


Guizhou plans to produce 800,000 kiloliters of white spirits by 2020 to generate an industrial output value of 120 billion yuan ($17.74 billion).

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