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Spring Festival weather conditions for Hechi

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

As Spring Festival is around the corner, people in Hechi, Guangxi hope to have good weather during the holiday.

According to local meteorological bureau on Feb 4, the weather in Hechi looks to change from sunny to rainy during the seven-day holiday period.

From Feb 7 to 9 (New Year's Eve to the second day of the first month of Chinese lunar year), the weather will be sunny with the temperature ranging from 6 C to 17 C. On Feb 10 and 11, it will be cloudy and may sprinkle with rain, with temperatures between 12 C and 20 C. On Feb 12 and 13, the city will have light rain, with a slightly higher temperature of 14 C to 20 C.

The traffic police department reminded people that rainy and foggy weather will affect the braking distance for vehicles and can easily lead to road traffic accidents. People should keep a watchful eye on the weather conditions, select the best travelling route in advance and avoid driving in the early morning or midnight when fog is more likely to occur.

Edited by Owen Fishwick

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