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Stone Flower Tourist Resort in Du’an

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Stone Flower Tourist Resort in Du’an

It is located in the “Big Stone Mountain Kingdom” which is at the Gulou Area in Hongdu Village, Chengjiang Township, Du’an County. It is another scenic zone developed by the Guangxi Baoshu Jinlong Investment Group, the developer of the Yaoling River Rafting Resort in Du’an County.

The Longevity Mountain is a stone mountain of karst landforms. In ancient times, this area was under a deep sea where various kinds of gigantic sea turtles used to live. About 200 million years ago, this area became land as a result of crustal movement. Nowadays, there are many turtle-shaped stones in the mountains. As turtles are symbols of longevity in Chinese culture, ancient people called this mountain “Longevity Mountain”.

The rolling stone mountains in the surrounding areas boasts beautiful scenery, forming a mountain chain. On Longevity Mountain, there are a lot of jagged rocks that form grotesque shapes. It is the biggest exhibition hall of natural “strange” rocks or stones in the world. In this scenic zone, there are 2 kilometers of tourist routes and 55 wonderful scenic spots. The whole journey is about 2.5 kilometers. The most miraculous thing is that stone flowers can be seen in rocks on the mountain. If you take a walk on the Longevity Mountain you just might draw something of a miraculous power from the mountain, you will not only feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery but also stay fit and improve your health. As a local saying goes, “A walk on the Longevity Mountain will let you to live 99 years.”

Bama Yao autonomous county has been honored as “China’s longevity village”.