Editor’s Note: The beautiful harbor city of Zhanjiang in Guangdong province of South China sits in between the tropics and subtropics.

The city’s Leizhou Peninsula is skirted by blue sea, lined with beautiful beaches and decorated with coconut trees.

Water is Zhanjiang’s life’s blood. Its Xuwen port is one of China’s most pivotal, and the starting point for Chinese trade along the Maritime Silk Road, dating back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24).

  • Narrow Ranfang Street in Chikan district sits captured in a moment of time. Its dimly lit passage serves one of China’s busiest ports. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • After super typhoon Rainbow swept through Zhanjiang’s Chikan district on Oct 4, 2015 – bright stars reveal themselves in the night sky. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • The reservoir in Chikan district, Zhanjiang supplies fresh water to millions on a daily basis. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • On the first day of the first lunar month in 2014, shrub woods rise towards the bright blue sky at Huguang Scenic Area of Zhanjiang’s Leiqiong Global Geopark. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • A fishing boat weighs anchor waiting for a new day’s sail in a shallow bay near the Guanhai Road in Xiashan district of Zhanjiang, Guangdong. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • Old buildings line Minzhu Road in Zhanjiang’s Chikan district. Traffic has bustled along the street since the district was a French leased territory called Kwangcho Wan (literally “Guangzhou Bay”), more than 70 years ago. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • A thatched observatory looks into the distance near Jinsha Bay, Zhanjiang. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • Lazy summer afternoons in Nanxing Street of Chikan district, Zhanjiang are often kissed with a gentle sea breeze. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • Behind Zhanjiang Museum, visitors can get a taste of living history from the tropical plants whose species have existed for millions of years. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • Sea-view corridor on Guangzhou Avenue, the main road in urban Zhanjiang, glows as day transitions into night. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center lights up on July, 25, 2015 during the 14th Guangdong Provincial Sports Meet. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]

  • The cable-stayed Zhanjiang Bay Bridge glows warm yellow in the night sky, connecting the west and east parts of the city. [Photo by Chen Guanghao/yinsha.com]