Dance in Zhanjiang

Famous dances include the Human Dragon Dance, Nuo dance, and lion dance


Music in Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang is famous for Leizhou songs, Leizhou Opera, and Anpu Bayin.


Crafts in Zhanjiang

Leizhou stones, puppet shows and Wuchuan Piaose are unique combination of arts and crafts in Zhanjiang. 


Folk customs in Zhanjiang: 'Nianli'

"Nianli" means traditional folk performance staged in Zhanjiang during the Spring Festival annually.


    Zhanjiang's lion dance highlighted at folk art festival


    Zhanjiang village ballad honored


    Zhanjiang lion dance to be staged on CCTV gala


    Local operas sing to the right tune across Guangdong

Zhanjiang is a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong province’s Leizhou Peninsula.

The convergence of cultures found in the city have given rise to a rich diversity of local folk art such as Leizhou stones, Human Dragon Dances, and Wuchuan piaose, an art form integrating opera, magic and acrobatics.

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