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  • Zhanjiang Aquatic Sports Center

    Zhanjiang Aquatic Sports Center is located at the Jinsha Bay Sea-view Corridor in Chikan district, with Haibin Avenue to the west, Zhanjiang Bay to the east and Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center just across the compound.

  • Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center

    Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center, situated in the north of Haiwan Bridge in Poutou district, is the main venue for the 14th Guangdong Provincial Games.

  • Xuwen Stadium

    The Xuwen Stadium, located in the middle part of Xuhai Road in Zhanjiang's Xuwen county, is the sports venue for handball and sanda (Chinese boxing) for the 14th Guangdong Provincial Games.

  • Zhanjiang Sports Center painted to welcome Provincial Games

    Nearly 20,000 seats in the Zhanjiang Sports Center were painted in blue, yellow and orange to welcome the upcoming 14th Guangdong Provincial Games.

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