Tour of Chinese ceramics culture

This tour itinerary can give visitors a brief introduction of Chinese ceramics

Tour of revolution sites

Visitors can know some stories during revolution period

Tour of historical towns

Walking along the route to feel the charm of historical buildings

Tour of leisure and entertainment

This tour itinerary will impress visitors by the county's natural beauty

Tour of ancestral homes

Visiting the ancestral homes to get better understandings about the famous people

2-Day Dabu Tour Itinerary

The two day tour makes Dabu more impressive to the tourists.

Dabu Tour Itineraries

Four routes from all directions give a overall view of Dabu County.

Meizhou three-day tour

The three day tour of Meizhou diaplays the panorama of Meizhou city.

Hakka Culture Tour

Hakka Culture Tour gives the tourists a brief  introduction of Hakka Culture.

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