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Haitan Ancient City2014-10-13

Officials from Pingtan visited the construction site of a colossal tourism project on Sept 17 and called for more work efforts.

Official urges a world-class Pingtan2014-09-29

Pingtan aims more than to become a “Common Homeland” for people from Fujian and Taiwan, but also a pioneer pilot zone with International norms, according to a senior official.

Pingtan to accelerate tourism development2014-09-17

Government authorities in Pingtan pledged to invigorate the tourism industry at an Aug 29 work conference.

Experts weigh in on legal construction in Pingtan2014-08-27

Experts from across the Straits shared their opinions on the legal construction of Pingtan.

Pundits weigh in on Pingtan's development2014-08-15

Economic experts weign in on mroe development opportunities in Pingtan following the "Pingtan Closure" at an Aug 11 forum.

Rural tourism2014-08-07

Authorities in Pingtan drew up plans to promote countryside tourism on July 31, hoping to optimize tourism capabilities over the next 3 years.

Fujian bolsters further Pingtan development2014-07-29

Fujian recently released a guideline for Pingtan in order to deepen its cross-Straits communication and cooperation.

Traffic plans2012-07-25

Introduction of Pingtan county's transportation infrastructure plan in the near future.