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Yearender: Top 10 major tasks for Pingtan in 20152015-01-15

Implement work and policies at the free trade zone. Explore the development mode of "pilot zone + free trade port".

Summit explores marine tourism in Pingtan2015-01-08

Scholars, experts and officials gathered and brainstormed over how to maximize the potential for marine tourism as Pingtan aims to become an international tourism island.

Ministries pledge to bolster Pingtan's development2015-01-07

Officials all expressed their support for Pingtan, which was recently approved to set up a free trade zone.

Experts explore future of Pingtan's tourism2014-12-30

Officials of more than 20 travel agencies gathered in Pingtan on Dec 3 and had a brainstorming session on how to boost Pingtan’s tourism.

Senior officials inspect Pingtan's tourism2014-12-25

Deputy Fujian Governor Chen Dong and Deputy Director of the National Tourism Administration Wu Xuewen visited Pingtan on Dec 8 to investigate its tourism development and blueprint.

Officials explore Pingtan's blueprint (Part I)2014-12-24

The administrative committee of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (PCPZ) in Fujian province held a brainstorming session on Dec 4 to set out some tasks for next year.

Pingtan to play key role in economic cooperation2014-12-19

Entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are betting that Pingtan will play a bigger role in cross-Straits economic cooperation.

Entrepreneurs, scientists call for innovation2014-12-17

More than 400 entrepreneurs and scientists from both home and abroad discussed the trends of the global economy and how the Chinese economy could enhance innovation in various sectors.