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Fujian to build eight new express ways in 2015
The eight highways, which have a total length of about 400 kilometers, will mainly be in coastal areas and link cities and counties more closely, said the Department.
Large wood mushroom found in rural Fujian
A large lucid ganoderma weighting 11 kilograms and about 1 meter in diameter was found recently near the city of Longyan, Fujian province.
Fujian, Taiwan to give green light to each other's vehicles
Authorities in Fujian province and Taiwan will strive to make it eligible for their vehicles to drive on each others’ roads in 2015.
Fuzhou Airlines to add at least two aircraft in 2015
Fuzhou Airlines plans to introduce at least another two jets into its fleet in 2015.
Fujian, Taiwan deepen agricultural cooperation
The volume of farm product trades between Fujian and Taiwan is estimated to exceed 1.5 billion US dollars, which is an 18 percent increase from the previous year.
Cloth painting exhibition in Fujian
A month-long cloth painting exhibition was held to celebrate the anniversary of a meeting presided over by Mao Zedong, in December 1929. in Gutian.
Fujian gets a new national AAA scenic spot
The Tingjiangyuan Nature Reserve got National AAA Scenic Spot designation recently.
Yongding county is now a district
Yongding county, suddenly found itself Yongding district, with province covering the adjustment costs.
Fujian biologists discover endangered tree fern area
Biologists recently came upon a wooded area containing an endangered species of tree fern in Wuping county, Fujian province.
Fuzhou to open direct routes to Europe
Xiamen Airlines, which is based in East China’s Fujian province, is planning to open the first direct route from Fuzhou to Europe in the near future.