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Japanese cherry blossom dazzles in Zhangping

Japanese white cherry blossom – Somei Yoshino – is currently on powerful display in Zhangping, Fujian province.

Peach flowers in Xinluo gardens
Five peach gardens in Xinluo district of Longyan city, Fujian province, have attracted thousands of tourists.
The sea of clouds encircles Longyan mountains
Tiangong Mountain is known for its sea of clouds. The mountain is situated in Xinluo district and is 30 kilometers away from the urban area of Longyan.
Top 5 Spring Festival customs in China
There are five most popular customs in Chinese New Year.
Longyan’s plum blossom perfume
Plum blossoms are in full bloom at Meihua Mountain in Longyan, Fujian province.
Cloth painting exhibition in Fujian
A month-long cloth painting exhibition was held to celebrate the anniversary of a meeting presided over by Mao Zedong, in December 1929. in Gutian.
Calligraphy artwork exhibition in Gutian Conference Memorial Hall
A calligraphy artwork exhibition was recently opened to the public in Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, Fujian province.
Guanzhai Mountain Cycling Race off to a roaring start in Liancheng
The 2014 Guaizhai Mountain Cycling Race got off to a good start, on Nov 2, in Liancheng county, Fujian province.
Dream Tulou
"Dream Tulou" is based on a Fujian structure that has been around for 1,700 years.
US tourism elites praise Yongding Hakka earth building
The US representatives attending the eighth China-US Tourism Leadership Summit which was held in Xiamen, Fujian province, visited Yongding Hakka earth building on Oct 29.

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