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Second Straits Forum opens in Fujian on June 19
Updated: 2010-06-07

The Second Strait Forum will kick off in 9 regions of Fujian province beginning from June 19 to June 25, 2010.

Xiamen, Fujian province has been set as the main venue of the Forum. Over 20 events are going to be held in Xiamen as well as 8 other regions. The events fall in four categories - opening ceremony and evening party, policy discussion, cross-Straits culture & art exchange, and public carnival.

The Forum, themed as expanding the communication among the public across the Straits, strengthening the cross-Straits cooperation and promoting mutual developments, aims to construct a platform for cross-Straits civil, economic, political exchanges.

There are four highlights in this forum:

The first is its popularity and pervasiveness. Along with business communities, cultural groups and educational experts, the Forum also invites Minnan and Hakka ethnic groups, and representatives from various industries and NGOs.

Second, the Forum whisks the economy of the west region. This forum discusses the western exploration and practice in order to bring Fujian province into full play in the construction of West Coast Economic Zone.

Third, the Forum promotes cross-Straits cultural communication. With much attention to mass-oriented cultural exchanges, the Forum makes efforts to help more ordinary people enjoy this cultural feast, experience communication atmosphere and constitute a mutual affection to each other.

At last, the Forum provides common people with communication opportunities. This Forum deepens the communication between cross-Straits grassroots and helps them reach more cooperation and consensus.

By Xie Fang, Wei Xiangyun