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Working Papers

Doctors' work and remuneration: International experiences and inspirations (No 9, 2015)


This paper studies doctors' work and pay in the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore and China.

Development of people's livelihood in China and the main features of people's livelihood demands (No 182, 2014)


The 2013 People's Livelihood Index in China shows that people's livelihood has improved.

Causes of straw incineration and countermeasures (No 174, 2014)


Straw burning has drawn widespread attention from the media and the public as it is likely to increase air pollution and aggravate smoggy weather in regional areas.

Public concerns of the Chinese--Analysis report on 8,000 households in eight provinces and cities (No 154, 2014)


A questionnaire given to 8,000 households of eight Chinese provinces and cities found that most are basically satisfied with current living conditions

Urban and rural demand for education and policy suggestions (No 153, 2014)


A household survey in 2013 showed that half of China's urban and rural people are satisfied with their education.

Play the government's guiding role in ecological efforts (No 144, 2014)


Ecological efforts, working out the correct space layout, resource conservation, ecological environmental protection, and system construction, should act as the guiding force of government as well as the role of the market.

Suggestions on China's poor quality waste plastics for energy use


The disposal of waste plastics is an environmental problem drawing wide attention in society.

China's green economic development measure and policy interpretation


To explore the influences on China's green economy in different regions, this study used a green economic development measure index system.