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Urban and rural demand for education and policy suggestions (No 153, 2014)


People's livelihood index research team, Zhu Xianqiang and Xu Zhaoyuan, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 153, 2014 (Total 4562)


-- Analysis based on questionnaire survey on households from eight provinces and cities

A household survey in 2013 showed that half of China's urban and rural people are satisfied with their education, but that the cost of education has become a burden, especially the rising cost of finding the right school and even tutoring. In addition, poor teaching quality and long commutes are major problems in rural education, even as school selection gets trendier in urban education and expenses rise. School selection has become a major issue for urbanites. This report sees the need for reforms to solve these problems, as well as balanced development of compulsory education, and new methods and ideas for education reforms.