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Development Strategy and Regional Economy

A coordinated development of industrialization and urbanization


The coordinated development of industrialization and urbanization should start with system reform and the adjustment of development strategy.

The local economic development and prospect in China


The paper gives an overall analysis of the regional economic development pattern, the changes of regional disparity, the development trend of regional industrial structure as well as the development trend of regional space structure in 2002.

A new pattern of regional economic cooperation in China – four economic zones traversing east and west


In light of emphasizing coordinated regional development and implementing the western development strategy, the construction of the four economic zones traversing east and west, which are compose of Pearl River Economic Zone, Yangtze River Economic zone, Longhai – Lanzhou & Xiniang Economic Zone and Beijing & Tianjin – Huhehaote, Baotou & Yinchuan Economic Zone, will be of great significance for shaping a new pattern of regional cooperation in China and realizing the sustained and sound economic and social development.

The venture investment in Taiwan


The venture investment, along with the industrial research institute of Taiwan and Xinzhu scientific zone, forms the triad to advance the development of high tech in Taiwan.

The investigation of the country tax and charge in the Longquanyi District of Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China


The distribution of benefit among farmers, country cadres and administrations, behavior and mechanism of rustic fundamental services will be adjusted in the course of the reform of the country tax and charge.

Suggestions on the framework of China's planning system reform


The role of planning in the market economy should not be weakened but be strengthened.

Adapt to new situation and speed up the construction of Zhujiang economic zone


The Zhujiang economic zone, which include Guangdong, Hongkong, Macao, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou, is facing the great opportunity and environment with internal demand and internal condition to develop.

An analysis on the features of district economic development in China


Because it's difficult to analyze the district difference with the current district delimitation, this paper raise a new way to delimit China's districts.