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Development Strategy and Regional Economy

Approaches to township reform: survey on 20 townships in 10 provinces


The study is based on interviews with township leaders and based on their experiences.

Risk assessment on RMB business by Hong Kong banks


Under the progressive off-shore business model, blurry areas in management will emerge in given operations, which is not likely to create tangible risks in general.

Integrated urban-rural development depends on unifying the two sectors


Integrate urban-rural development is imperative and necessary for reducing the gap between the two sectors, for a solution to the problems in rural society, agriculture and farmers, for building a well-off society on all fronts, for a fair competition in a unified nation-wide market economy, and for expanding domestic demand to drive economic growth.

Judgment and perspective on current economic situation


The figures of investment, consumption and export indicate that China's economic growth has entered another circle of robust development.

Ten main trends in China’s regional development


In the future, there expected to be ten main trends in the regional development in China, among which the regional disparities will continue to exist and to expand in a considerably long period of time.

Survey on local protection in China


The initial analysis of "non-enterprise survey data" in terms of questionnaires on "Obstacles impeding inter-regional economic links" shows that over the past 20 years, local protection has been gradually weakened, but it still exists in various forms.

Suggestions on the reform and revitalization of the old industrial bases in northeast China


The reform and revitalization of the old industrial bases in northeast China should adapt to the new historical conditions, economic situation and the domestic and international environmental changes.

Policy suggestions for solving the issues related to “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the future


The solving of the various contradictions and difficulties lying in the development of agriculture and rural areas in the future rests on the fostering of scientific development concept and the loyal implementation of the principles for the integrated economic and social development both in urban and rural areas.