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Diamond Princess arrives at Dalian port
Carrying over 2000 tourists, the American luxury cruise Diamond Princess arrives at Dalian port, Northeast China’s Liaoning province Feb 26, 2012. According to its itinerary, the passengers will visit Xinghai Square, Zhongshan Square and Binhai Road as well as local families.

Lantern Festival celebrated in Dalian
The 2012 Dalian Spring Festival Garden Gala concluded on the Chinese traditional Lantern Festival yesterday. The two-day garden gala attracted over 120,000 local residents and tourists with the lantern show, folk art performance, Spring Festival goods promotion and snacks.

Spring Festival boosts tourism in Dalian

Charity: Music to the ears of rural people

Helping those most in need
DALIAN - It was Sun Mingnan's 27th birthday on Nov 16. The young entrepreneur in Dalian decided to do something special to celebrate that day.

Wal-Mart beats back at Wanguo's accusation
After being reported of refusing to pay rent for 10 years, Wal-Mart made some clarifications over the issue.

Jinshi Forum promotes Dalian's coastal property
Domestic real estate companies should turn to diversified and specialized development under the current policies of adjustment and control, a senior economist suggested on Saturday at a forum in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

Experts urge caution in Eurozone aid bids
China can only provide limited help to Europe in coping with its debt crisis, by continuing to invest in the region, Yi Gang, China's foreign exchange chief, said amid economists' warning that the country needs to be cautious in offering a helping hand.