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Hand in hand they stand
"I love China. I love Dalian," wrote Hatawa Chernova, 16, both in Chinese and Russian on a plate during a ceramics class in the port city of Northeast China's Liaoning province on Thursday.

12th China Int'l Beer Festival kicks off in Dalian
Some 2 million tourists are expect to come to the 12-day festival to enjoy beer and more than 300 performances and activities.

Yachts 'not just for pleasure'
In the eyes of most Chinese, yachts are luxuries associated with an ostentatious life of leisure. Insiders, however, think differently.

Dalian oil spill cleanup in full swing after pipeline blast
Over 500 fishing boats Monday joined a massive oil spill clean-up operation underway off the coast of northeastern China's Dalian City, three days after pipelines exploded near the city's oil reserve base, one of China's largest.

In'l beach culture festival kicks off in Dalian
The 2010 International Beach Culture Festival of Dalian kicked off at "Gold Coast" of Jinshitan Beach on July 18. The oil leakage in the sea after the oil pipe explosion at Dalian Xingang Harbor on July 16 had no influence on the sea water within the resort, thus the festival attracted lots of tourists as usual.

Holland Customs delegation visits Dalian
Zhang introduced the delegation to Dalian and its customs and expressed his desire to further enhance the bi-lateral relationship and cooperation between the two groups.

Amazing Golden Pebble Beach in China's Dalian
Known as a "Natural Geologic Museum," the Golden Pebble Beach attracts tourists with splendid coves and rock formations on Dalian's outskirts.

Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week began in Dalian
The opening ceremony of the 2010 Chinese Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week began in Dalian on June 29.