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Two pairs of tiger cubs born in NE China zoo
Two pairs of tiger cubs, a pair of white tigers and a pair of Siberian tigers, were born in the zoo in Dalian during the National Day holidays.

Two pairs of tiger cubs born in NE China zoo
Two pairs of tiger cubs born in NE China zoo

A pair of penguins dressed as bride and groom are seen during a symbolic mass wedding for penguins at the Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World in Liaoning province.

Key pacts to be signed as Medvedev starts visit
Trade ties and greater energy cooperation will be a priority during Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to China, which started on Sunday, with more than 10 key agreements set to be signed.

China hatches first emperor penguin
The baby emperor penguin was hatched through artificial multiplication technology on Aug. 17, the first successful case in China.

Multinationals optimistic about Chinese market
Executives of four multinational corporations expressed optimism in China's business environment, saying their companies will continue stepping up investment in the country.

Young Designer Contest held in China's Dalian
Creations of 38 young designers were presented during the contest.

Dalian: the Flagship of Northeast China
“Dalian City and the sea are an inseparable entity. To protect one is to protect the other,” Xia Deren, Party secretary of Dalian, said after the oil pipe explosion at Dalian Xingang Harbor.