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Dalian offers solar energy vehicles to Int'l Horticultural Expo 2011 Xi'an
Dalian Sengu New Power Electronic Co.,Ltd provides a total of three solar energy vehicles for the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 which is to be held in Xi’an, capital of China’s Shaanxi Province from April 28 to October 22 this year.

Little couple holds fairytale wedding in Dalian
A 23-year-old "pearl girl", whose height is only 1.22 meters, tied the knot with her boyfriend, who is of a similar size, in the Discoveryland Theme Park in northeastern China's port city Dalian on Saturday.

Two districts of Dalian named as Int'l Safe Community by WHO
Shahekou District and Zhongshan District of Dalian were named as the 232nd and 233rd International Safe Community by the World Health Organization (WHO), March 30, 2011.

No fizzle in sight
AB InBev purchased Dalian Daxue Brewery, one of the top three players in Northeast China's Liaoning province, while CRB, in which London-based SABMiller has a stake, said it had obtained Jiangsu Santai Beer's trademark and marketing channels.

Chinese oil tanker leaves for Japan
The oil tanker "Shengchi", loaded with 10,000 tons of gasoline and 10,000 tons of diesel to help earthquake relief in Japan, is ready to leave a deepwater port in China's northeastern city of Dalian.

Trainees back to Dalian from quake-hit Japan
Twenty-nine Chinese trainees flew back to Dalian from quake-hit Japan on Saturday.

Chinese airlines prepare for passenger rush from Japan
China Eastern Airlines based in Shanghai will send an additional passenger flight, Airbus 340-300, Wednesday to Niigata Airport, where about 1,500 Chinese nationals are waiting to return to China.

1900 Chinese arrive at Dalian from Japan
About 1900 evacuated Chinese nationals arrive on a flight from Japan at the Zhou Shuizi International Airport in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning province Mar 16, 2011.