Companies squabble over rights to Voice of China talent program2016-02-24

Feuding over the rights to The Voice of China between two Chinese companies has attracted wide attention and the competition is now intensifying.

Priceless Key – An Interview with Craig Stephens, Vice President of Sales at CAS2015-09-09

Big data has been increasingly talked about in recent years and is used to describe and define massive data generated in an information explosion era.

Netac Technology Got 40 million RMB Compensation for Patent Infringement2015-09-09

The patent lawsuit between Netac Technology and Watertek Co. Ltd. since May, 2012 has eventually made new progress.

Qingdao seized 'BURBERRY' Counterfeits2015-09-09

Hong Kong Middle Road Market Supervision and Management Office in Qingdao, Shandong Province confiscated nearly a hundred pieces of “BURBERRY” counterfeits.

Alibaba Cooperating with International Publishers to Strike IP Infringement2015-09-09

Alibaba Group and the International Publishers Copyright Protection Coalition in China (IPCC) announced that they had signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enlarge their cooperation on IP infringement.

Michael Bastian Wins Landmark Trademark Decision in China2015-09-09

With insufficient evidence of prior use, Michael Bastian, a luxury American menswear designer, prevailed in a trademark dispute against a trademark hijacker who trademarks his name.

New Balance Was Sued for Trademark Infringement for Its Chinese Translation2015-09-09

US footwear manufacturer New Balance Athletic Shoe recently was sued in Guangzhou for its Chinese translation infringing the trademark "Xin Bai Lun" that belongs to a local brand which manufactures shoes.

NBA Superstar Michael Jordan Finally Lost His Trademark Registration Lawsuit in China2015-09-09

NBA superstar Michael Jordan lost his trademark lawsuit against the Chinese sports company, Qiaodan Sports Co. in the final judgment.

Serials Suing in the Game World2015-09-09

Chinese game company Snail Games (Snail) announced in July that it's taking Chinese game developer Skymoons and publisher iQIYI to court for copyright infringement.

Wang Wang in Huizhou Wins Want Want in Taiwan on Trademark Registration2015-09-09

Fude Wang Wang Co., a kitchenware company in Huizhou, eventually beat Want Want Co. (the famous food company in Taiwan) on trademark registration after six years' fight.

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