NBA Superstar Michael Jordan Finally Lost His Trademark Registration Lawsuit in China
(Legal People)
Updated: 2015-09-09

NBA superstar Michael Jordan lost his trademark lawsuit against the Chinese sports company, Qiaodan Sports Co. in the final judgment.

Beijing Higher People's Court upheld the original judgment on July 27, rejecting Michael Jordan's appeal and retaining the registered trademark of "Qiaodan".

In February 2012, Michael Jordan filed a lawsuit against Qiaodan Sports Co. for wrongful use of his name on Qiaodan’s marketing materials and products.

 Qiaodan Sports Co. has gained a high reputation on sports clothing, shoes and accessories in the Chinese market. Its attorney claimed that "'Qiaodan' is very different from Michael Jordan's family name. Since in US' Jordan' is an ordinary family name, it's difficult to prove that the brand 'Jordan' and Michael Jordan are necessarily related. The NBA superstar's social celebrity cannot ensure him the privilege in trademark registration."

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