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Lawmakers call for hearing in public interests-based land expropriation


Chinese lawmakers have called for a hearing procedure to make decisions on public interests-based land expropriation.

Prosecutors at all levels have embraced public interest litigation


Prosecutors at all levels in China had instituted public interest litigation by November after amendments to laws last year allowed them to file civil and administrative lawsuits, the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced on Tuesday.

Beijing police crack over 6,600 Internet-related cases


The cybersecurity department of Beijing police said more than 3,100 suspects involved in over 6,600 Internet-related cases were detained in the city in 2018.

Update planned to medical liability law regarding patient privacy


Medical institutes and workers should be liable if they privately disclose or leak patients' personal information, no matter whether the action hurts patients or not, a newly released draft from the nation's top legislature said.

Draft boosts fines for IP infringement


Legislation aims to improve business environment, encourage innovation.

Draft tax law for natural resources would codify a range of regulations


A draft law to place taxes on the extraction of natural resources was submitted to the National People's Congress Standing Committee for its first review on Sunday.

Validity to be reviewed before regulations take effect


A new mechanism will be established to review the legal validity of government regulatory documents before their implementation, high-ranking officials said.

Former vice-governor guilty of taking bribes


Former vice-governor of Guizhou province Wang Xiaoguang pleaded guilty of insider trading and taking bribes amounting to more than 200 million yuan ($28.9 million) during a trial in Chongqing.

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