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Top forensic scientist finds evidence of great progress


Globally renowned forensic scientist Henry Chang-yu Lee has tipped China to become a world leader in high-tech evidence collection thanks to growing investment in time, energy and talent since the 1980s.

Last national judicial examination held in China


The National Judicial Examination held in China on Sept 16 was the last of its kind, as it is to be replaced by a national unified legal professional qualification examination next year.

China’s First Internet Court established in Hangzhou


China’s first internet court was established in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province on August 18 to hear Internet-related cases including those within the jurisdiction of courts at the grassroots level.

Senior State Council officials pledge allegiance to Constitution


Fifty-nine senior officials of the State Council took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution at a ceremony Tuesday.

Safety measures expected to protect bus drivers


Chinese cities are stepping up their efforts to keep bus drivers safe from violently angry passengers after a tragic bus crash on Oct 28 caused by a woman who attacked the driver. Thirteen people died, and two remain missing.