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Zhang Zhongjing


Zhang Zhongjing was born in Nieyang of Nan County (nowRangdongTowninDeng County,HenanProvince; or another saying,Nanyang City,HenanProvince) of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).

Wang Shuhe


Wang Shuhe, also named "Wang Xi", was from Gaoping (now Gaoping County, Shanxi Province) of the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316).

Sun Simiao


Sun Simiao (581-682) was a great medical scientist of China in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). His native place was Jingzhao Huayuan (now Sunjiayuan in Hui County, Shaanxi Province).

Huangfu Mi


Huangfu Mi was born in the year 215 in a poor farmhouse in Anding Chaona (now Lingtai of Gansu Province) of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).

Hua Tuo


Hua Tuo,was born approximately at the beginning of the second century AD and died before the 13th year of the Jian'an reign (208).

Ge Hong


Ge Hong wrote Jinkui Yaofang (Golden Rare Prescriptions) in100 volumes. As it was too thick and heavy to carry, he chose the important ones from it and compiled another book, a 4-volume Zhouhou Beiji Fang (Prescriptions for Emergent Reference).

Chao Yuanfang


Chao Yuanfang was most active during the Daye reign (605-615) of the Sui Dynasty, when he worked as an imperial physician, and made many brilliant achievements.



Bianque, whose surname was Qin and original given name was Yueren, was born in Bohai (now Renqiu County of Hebei Province) in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period (770-221BC).

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