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Spotlight: Race is on to develop working Zika vaccine


After bird flu, swine flu, dengue, chikungunya and Ebola, the world is determined not to be caught napping by the Zika virus.

Beijing expects 300,000 newborns in Year of Monkey


The boom is expected as the Year of the Monkey is considered auspicious and also due to the abolishment of one-child policy.

China to restore admission of pediatric undergraduate amid doctor shortage


The government plans to resume admission of pediatric undergraduates in universities to cater to the rising demand for specialists.

Spain to host TCM hospital


Barcelona will provide land for $88.6m facility, the largest of its kind in Europe

WHO estimates up to 4 mln infected by Zika virus in the Americas


Based on dengue epidemiology in the Americas and the over 2 million cases which are reported in the region every year, Aldighieri estimated that there could be "between 3 and 4 million cases of Zika infections in the Americas."

Mosquitoes to be used in the fight against Zika


A pilot field study using mosquitoes infected with bacteria is expected to be launched in South China probably in March, says lead researcher.

Capital to improve facilities for disabled


Greater barrier-free access for Beijing's nearly 1 million disabled residents will be provided over the next five years.

Zika curbs to include mosquito mass extermination


As the weather turns warmer and China faces a higher risk of local transmission of the Zika virus, the top virus-prevention authority plans a large-scale extermination of mosquitoes, particularly in South China.

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