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Major health exchange and cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative

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Updated: 2015-12-18

Three-year plan for Belt and Road health cooperation (2015-2017)

The National Health and Family Planning Commission recently unveiled the three-year plan for Belt and Road health exchange and cooperation (2015-2017).

Strategic goal

Near-term targets

Formulate Belt and Road health strategic study and implementation plans in 1-3 years;

Reach broad consensus with countries on the Road and Belt, and establish health cooperation mechanism;

Carry out health cooperation projects in the three-year construction plan (2015-2017) of the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century. Realize preliminary results from major cooperation fields.

Medium-term goals

Establish health cooperation networks among neighboring countries and those on the Road and Belt, and stabilize cooperation mechanism;

Improve policy support and coordination, and initiate new strategic projects on infectious disease prevention and treatment;

Increase China's voice and influence in multilateral health governance at regional or global level.

Long-term goal

Realize effective results in all major projects in 5-10 years, and develop new projects to benefit countries on the Road and Belt.

Increase China's role in multilateral health governance at regional or global levels, and develop an all-round cooperation model among Belt and Road countries.

Major cooperation fields

Cooperative mechanism development

Strengthen high-level health visits among countries on the Road and Belt, and push for cooperation agreements with countries, especially neighbors. Develop a health forums integrating intergovernmental cooperation, inter-institutional exchanges and health expos. Host Silk Road health forum, China-ASEAN health forum, China-Central and Eastern Europe health ministers' forum, and China-Arab health forum.

Infectious disease prevention and control

Establish communication mechanisms on infectious diseases with neighboring countries, and strengthen prevention and control for cross-border areas. Enhance cooperation with Greater Mekong Subregion in prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, malaria, dengue fever, plague, bird flu, influenza and tuberculosis. Strengthen cooperation with Central Asian countries in echinococcosis, plague and other zoonosis. Work with West Asian countries to eliminate polio. Develop outbreak reporting and emergency coordination mechanisms, improve rapid response. Strengthen infectious disease prevention and treatment.

Capacity development and talent cultivation

Strengthen cooperation in professional talent cultivation, and help improve public health management. Establish high-level medical facilities in Xinjiang, Guangxi, Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Fujian, and carry out short- and long-term education and training projects. Build public health network with central and eastern Europe and medical university alliance between China and Russia. Encourage academic and non-governmental organizations to carry out teaching, scientific research and personnel exchange programs. Carry out 1,000 medical personnel exchanges and training activities with relevant countries.

Health rapid response and emergency aid

Hold exchanges and cooperation with countries on the Road and Belt for health emergency, and carry out joint drills. Establish short-term and emergency aid coordination mechanisms, and send anti-epidemic teams to relevant countries for emergency aid.

Traditional medicine

Consolidate and expand cooperation in traditional medicine, and help traditional Chinese medicine go global. Carry out cooperation in TCM healthcare, education, research and industry to help TCM companies go abroad. Promote joint development and formulation of traditional medicine standards, push for construction of international certification and accreditation system, and improve the competitiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.

Health system and policy

Establish long-term cooperation in health and policy, and increase mutual understanding of universal health coverage, medical and health reform. Promote China's health development ideas, encourage academic institutes and experts to conduct policy research and activities, and share China's experience .

Health development aid

Assist less developed countries or regions based on health needs, send Chinese medical teams to neighboring countries and to those on the Road and Belt. Send medical and health personnel to conduct technical assistance. Fund infrastructure construction, and donate medicines and supplies. Carry out various training programs and conduct short-term volunteer ophthalmology treatment.

Health development

Help Chinese drugs and medical devices go global, increase product marketing, support capable pharmaceutical companies in building factories abroad, encourage trade barrier reduction.

Major projects and activities

Cooperative mechanism development

1. Hold Silk Road health cooperation forum

2. Hold China-ASEAN health cooperation forum

3. Hold China-Central and Eastern Europe health ministers' forum

4. Hold China-Arab health cooperation forum

Infectious disease prevention and control

5. Joint infectious diseases prevention and control mechanism in Central Asia

6. Infectious disease monitoring, prevention and control in the Greater Mekong Subregion

7. Joint infectious diseases prevention and control program in the cross-border zone of the Greater Mekong Subregion

8. Joint prevention program on artemisinin resistance from malaria

9. Schistosomiasis elimination and control project in Mekong

Capacity building and talent cultivation

10. China-ASEAN health personnel training plan

11. China-Indonesia public health personnel cooperation and training plan

12. China-Central and Eastern Europe public hospital cooperation network

13. Medical university alliance between China and Russia

14. China-Laos medical service community project

15. The 5th Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health

Health emergency aid

16. Disaster medicine cooperation project between China and Russia

17. Emergency medical rescue center for marine perils in Guangxi

Traditional medicine

18. Maritime Silk Road ASEAN tour

19. The China-ASEAN traditional medicine exchange and cooperation center construction project

20. The 16th International Congress of Oriental Medicine

21. 2015 China-ASEAN traditional medicine and health tourism international forum (Bama forum)

22. The Third China (Ningxia) Nationality Pharmaceutical Expo

23. China-Czech traditional Chinese medicine center construction project

24. China-Southeast Asia academic seminar of traditional Chinese medicine (intention)

25. Traditional Chinese medicine Confucius institute in Oman (intention)

26. Traditional Chinese medicine center at Jihlava hospital in the Czech Republic (intention)

27. Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center at Pearson State Hospital in the Czech Republic (intention)

Health system and policy

28. Universal health coverage development monitoring and research network for APEC economies

29. 2015 Silk Road Economic Belt strategy and health promotion seminar

Health development aid

30. Carry out volunteer ophthalmology diagnosis

32. Volunteer ophthalmology diagnosis in Myanmar

33. Medical service center construction project at the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt in Xinjiang

34. Kazakhstan "Shaanxi village" hospital construction aid project

35 China-Central Asian countries Made-in-China medical equipment promotion and application program (intention)

36. Inner Mongolia's international Mongolian medicine hospital branch construction in Mongolia (intention)

37. China-United Arab Emirates friendship hospital construction project in the UAE (intention)

38. China-ASEAN joint healthcare center construction project (intention)


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