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Plans for new industrial zones in Wenjiang

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Updated: 2018-10-12

Modern Services Zone

Since 2009, the Modern Service Zone, covering an area of 67.11 square kilometers, has attracted 66 key industrial projects with a contractual investment of 122.88 billion yuan ($19.80 billion). In 2013, the zone was incorporated into a provincial-level healthy service industry cluster. Based on the principles of integrating industry with city development, clustered progress and step-by–step growth, the industrial zone will serve as the most important modern service industry base in the city and West China. The region features a developing economy, distinctive industries and competitive industrial projects.

Cross-Straits Technology Industrial Zone

As the largest national economic development zone in Southwest China, the Cross-Straits Technology Industrial Zone has attracted over 1,000 projects to the area after 20 years of development. The zone can be divided into three major industrial clusters, including bio-pharmacy, health food and electronic information. Since its establishment, the main economic indicators of the zone have maintained annual growth of over 30 percent.

As one of the five industrial zones with an industrial value of 50 billion yuan, the cross-Straits Technology Industrial Zone will develop into an industrial zone worth hundreds of billions of yuan. Ecotourism Industrial Zone Relying on favorable tourism resources in Wanchun, Hesheng and Shouan town, Wenjiang will become a world-class tourist destination after the Guosetianxiang International Holiday Resort is completed. It is expected that the industry zone will attract 25 million tourists every year and direct or indirect investment of 20 billion yuan.

351 Industrial Clusters

3: Establish three major industrial clusters, including bio-pharmacy, food and beverage, and electronic information, to further optimize new industry

5: Set up five industrial clusters featuring high-end commerce, culture creativity, healthcare, sports and leisure, and ecotourism to promote the high-end modern service industry

1: Build up one modern plantation industrial cluster to upgrade modern agriculture

Industrial Development as Top Priority

Wenjiang will incorporate one industrial new zone with an industrial value of hundreds of billions of yuan (Cross-Straits Technology Zone), one industrial cluster worth hundreds of billions of yuan (food and beverage), two industrial clusters worth tens of millions of yuan (electronic information, bio-pharmacy) and 20 key enterprises worth over a billion yuan.

Clear Development Path -- Investment Promotion to Attract Business To date, Wenjiang has 202 key projects in progress with an annual investment of 18.2 billion yuan.


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