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Wenjiang strives to develop all-for-one ecotourism

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Updated: 2018-07-11

In the recent years, Wanchun town of Wenjiang district in Chengdu city is transforming its theme rural tourism industry and integrating the development of amusement, entertainment, films and television, anime and health care to construct an all-for-one ecotourism.

All-for-one ecotourism is an idea for developing tourism competitiveness based on local tourism resources that caters to the demand of facilitating economic transition.

Known for rural tourism and horticulture, Wanchun town takes advantages of natural resources and adapts diverse forms of investment to explore economic value while striving to develop all-for-one ecotourism.

Wanchun has launched core projects of studio city, business district, theme park and shopping center to support the amusement industry, and invested in headquarter projects to improve Wenjiang’s economic status.

To optimize the layout of rural tourism, Wanchun town launched various hotels and home stays and implanted tourism products in characteristic scenic spots, all in order to improve tourism experience.

Another highlight of the rural tourism here is tourism product assortments. Tourists have multiple choices of various high-end tourism products. Wanchun cooperates with Sichuan Vocational College of Art to provide interactive activities every week to increase the interest of rural tourism.

Apart from the supervision of food safety and public security, Wanchun is constructing supporting facilities such as service areas, toilets and ecological parking lots. Wanchun has increased eight internet marketing branches and the coverage area of free Wi-Fi is soon expected to reach 50 percent.

Besides, Wanchun also supports the transformation of local horticultural companies. They develop high-end horticultural leisure and vacation projects independently, and promote flowers, trees, bonsais and agriculture products with regional features.

Furthermore, Wanchun takes the opportunities of One Belt One Road and rural revitalization to build agricultural high-tech industrial park, horticultural import and export base and international horticultural city to promote Wanchun globally.

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