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Mobike unveils plan to headquarter in Chengdu

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Updated: 2017-07-14

Bike-sharing giant Mobike Technology Ltd signed a cooperation contract with the Chengdu Municipal Government on July 12, agreeing to establish the western China headquarters of Mobike in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province.

According to the contract, Mobike will actively take part in Chengdu’s construction of a smart city. Choosing Chengdu to establish Mobike’s new headquarters is aimed to help one of largest bike-sharing enterprises in China to expand its market in the Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia regions.

Both sides also agreed to jointly carrying out smart and low carbon construction of the city, developing internet of things (IoT), big data analysis and intelligent lock technologies. With the support of Chengdu’s education resources, Mobike will establish big data and IoT research centers to realize the integration of technology in Chengdu.

Relying on Mobike’s data resources and operational experience, a big data sharing platform will be constructed to provide smart city services.

Chengdu authorities have pointed out that the city will initiate policies and improve its market environment to support Mobike’s development. Chengdu also encourages Mobike to strengthen investments in R&D to further improve its products.

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