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Chengdu-Europe Express extends to Pearl River Delta

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Updated: 2014-10-28

The Chengdu-Europe Express, which opened 18 months ago, will be extended to Kunming, Guiyang and the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone starting next year, reported Xinhua.

Chengdu has signed a cooperative agreement of Chengdu-Europe Express with Kunming and Guiyang. The agreement proposed that the three governments will work together to extend the express to Kunming and Guiyang in order to promote trade and economic exchange between West China and European countries.

At the same time, the logistics department of Chengdu also signed the Chengdu-Shenzhen Express Cooperative Framework Agreement with China Logistics Co to ensure the smooth operation of cargo of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone to European countries.

The Chengdu-Europe Express has run once a week regularly since it opened on April 26, 2013. The express starts from the Qing Baijiang container center of Chengdu, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, and straight away to Lodz in Poland, which is 9,826 km total. Its duration is one-third of the traditional sea-train transportation method, and the price is one-fourth of air transportation.

Chengdu-Europe Express brings new energy to the economic development of West China. It provides a stable, fast and safe logistics channel for trade among West China, Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Many famous international logistics companies, including DHL and UPS, have organized foreign trade companies in East, South and North China, as well as those in Chengdu, to transport IT products, auto parts, home appliance, clothes, industrial products and commodities to Europe.

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