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Zhongguancun aims to become China's leading AI player
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2017-11-03

Zhongguancun Science Park's administrative committee recently released an industrial incubation plan to promote the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Known as China's Silicon Valley and a national-level high-tech demonstration zone, Zhongguancun has been making efforts in promoting its AI industry in recent years.

As pointed out in the plan, AI technology has become a new engine in promoting economic and social development.

By 2020, Zhongguancun is expected to form an AI super group that will encourage international competitiveness. For instance, a batch of frontier technology achievements and AI international standard are expected to take shape in three years.

More importantly, Zhongguancun has owned China's biggest and most powerful AI innovation power group.

Official statistics show that there're currently 250 artificial intelligence enterprises with over 7,800 patents in Zhongguancun, both ranking the first place in China. Additionally, 42.9 percent of China's AI entrepreneurial enterprises are also from Zhongguancun.

In the following four years, Zhongguancun will focus on making breakthroughs in core technology of AI industry and construct a special innovation platform for AI technology research and development.

Through various ways such as industry competition, summit forum and international congress, communication and cooperation between different AI companies will be promoted.