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Beidou system to monitor geological disasters
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2017-02-16

Chinese navigation satellite system Beidou will be used to monitor geological disasters, according to a report in Beijing Daily on Feb 14.

Tests on 28 State Grid monitoring devices were completed by the Research Institute of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, recently. The devices will soon be used to monitor geological changes and conditions in order to prevent hazards such as landslides and land displacement.

The system, which monitors land conditions in three dimensions, as well as correlating climactic data such as rainfall, water levels, humidity, and air pressure, will be used to analyze ground conditions in real time. It is able to make assessments and provide early warnings for changes in land conditions.

The application of the Beidou navigation satellite system has been pushed by the government in recent years. Its high accuracy positioning technology has already been applied in professional fields such as meteorology, oceanography and city planning. It has also been applied to underground gas pipe networks, electro-mobile anti-theft systems and home-based care services for the elderly.

It is expected that the system will be applied in more fields and bring technological innovation to the construction and management of city infrastructure in the near future.