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Didi recruits laid-off workers from overcapacity industries
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2016-07-25

Didi, a car-hailing company, had offered nearly 3.89 million job opportunities in 17 provinces by the end of May.

More than a million drivers that Didi recruited were workers laid-off from the industries affected by the government’s policy of cutting overcapacity, including 219,000 people from the steel sector and 311,000 from the coal sector. The recruitment covers 60 percent of the central government's plan to allocate the unemployed workers from the overcapacity industries.

Most of the laid-off workers were from Shanxi, Sichuan and Heilongjiang provinces, the major steel and coal producers in China. A number of the newly-recruited Didi drivers came from other outdated capacity industries such as textiles and chemicals.

Of the laid-off workers recruited by Didi around 150,000 now work full-time, while 870,000 work part-time.

In addition to hiring workers from the overcapacity industries, Didi also offered jobs for 123,100 other unemployed people including 179,000 soldiers who had transferred to civilian work.

The car-hailing industry supports the national reform strategy of cutting overcapacity and has turned into a major source of employment for the laid-off personnel in those sectors.

China's policy makers made cutting industrial overcapacity a top priority this year.

Around 1.8 million positions in the steel and coal sectors are going to be eliminated.